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Betty Salter Fine Artist

Betty Salter - Painter

You can see from this beautiful example Betty's versatility has delighted her clients for years. Commissions involving animal portraiture, people portraiture, local scenery and fantasy art have been sold both locally and throughout the world.

Oneroa - click for larger view

Jo Heatherbell // Sculpture in Oamaru stone

Jo is completely self taught. Around four yrs ago she was given a couple of blocks of Oamaru stone, and has not been able to leave it alone since. Over the years Jo has spent a great deal of time in our National Parks and has developed a real passion and respect for the birds and bush. Her challenge is to recreate the peace and serenity she sees around her.

Mike Perry's Brutas & Mary Scooter!

Mike Perry - Koru Gallery

Residing in his self built mud house Mike Perry lives and breaths his passion for pottery. Long established, he is well known for his vibrant tableware. Mike is a collector of classic vehicles motor scooters etc and lives in a world of retro style where he feels most comfortable. Recently his work has reflected this, suddenly scooters, mowers, concrete mixers, cars and caravans have appeared in his work - little social comentries of New Zealand viewed through his eyes.


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